Focus on exceptional customer experiences



Built on AI, augmented by humans. Unbabel’s translations integrate seamlessly into your customer service flow. Focus on high-quality 24/7 support, while we translate.

Cost savings

Native support at a fraction of the cost

Unbabel enables you to offer multilingual support while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). Consolidate support to key strategic locations, lowering overhead and hiring costs, while focusing on hiring the best agents for the job, no matter what language they speak.

Operational efficiency

Allocate your team where you need them

Build a global CS infrastructure that enables you to leverage your best agents through periods of peak volumes, regardless of location or language. Unbabel gives you the flexibility and the predictability you need to boost your team’s efficiency.

High quality

Translation quality you and your customers can trust

Leverage the speed of machine translation, with the security of human quality. Our translation engines learn from every customer interaction and get trained by our editor community to get smarter over time, delivering more intelligent and high-quality translations.

"We've seen CSAT scores jump as much as 10 points, and in one instance, we increased issue resolution by 20 percent."

Vincent O’Brien,

EMEA Support Delivery Manager at Microsoft

A seamless translation flow, built into the tools your team uses

Unbabel allows your agents to talk to customers in their own language, without breaking the conversation flow.

How it works

AI Platform
Integrations, Agents & Channels
Your Customers

Built for Enterprise

Fully compliant security you can trust

Rest assured that your data is protected with Unbabel. We use data encryption and anonymization to ensure that all data is securely processed through our platform. Our solution is also GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Trusted by your valued global partners

Major global BPOs and support providers such as Teleperformance, Concentrix, Majorel, Google, and Microsoft, partner with Unbabel to offer multilingual customer support for large enterprise brands around the globe.

Premium support and customer success

The Unbabel team is with you through every step - from onboarding and implementation to success. You get access to premium customer support and a dedicated customer success manager to help you grow over time.

Personalized machine translation

We customize your translation engine for your unique brand and industry, while training it to become smarter with every customer interaction, capturing your brand voice.

Seamless integration with the CRM you use 

We work where you work. Unbabel integrates with all the major CRM platforms, Chat applications and other customer service tools you already use, out-of-the-box. And for customized integrations, we offer our Translation APIs.

Insights through reporting and analytics

Get visibility into your usage data, understand volume and translation quality per language and manage billing all through the Unbabel Portal. Leverage these insights to distribute your team when and where you need it most.